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Crystal from Love More Live Blessed

Before Influencers 101 Crystal was frustrated with social media… now she makes a steady paycheck as a social media manager & brands are coming to her with opportunities. Here’s how Influencers 101 gave her the confidence she needed to start making money online.

Christine from New England Momma

Christine knew the clock was ticking down before her youngest went into kindergarten & she didn't want to have to go back to work… After blogging for 10 years, Influencers 101 helped this hobby blogger become a work at home mom.

Lisa from Fun Money Mom

Before Influencers 101 Lisa struggled to justify being a stay at home mom & professional blogger. Since taking the course Lisa has made thousands of dollars through pay per click campaigns & she made over $1,000 from Twitter parties just last month.

Sinea from Ducks 'N A Row

Sinea was looking for a way to make extra income & get the attention of brands online. Once she enrolled in Influencers 101, not only did she build a meaningful following for herself, she used these skills to begin a career as a paid social media manager.

Cindy from Simple Steps For Living Life

Cindy spent years trying to find a use for her Twitter account, but finally found success with Influencers 101. Since taking the course, not only does she get paid to tweet, she's been invited by NASA to participate in their social media event.

Samantha from Sammy Approves

Sammy is a new blogger and she says taking Influencers 101 is helping her achieve her goal of being a stay at home mom. She used the course to grow her following, improve her productivity, and increase her online income with sponsored tweets, sponsored posts & Twitter parties.

Jaime from The Unprepared Mommy

Jaime was struggling to reach her pay per click goals before Influencers 101, but now she’s using Twitter to over deliver on her paid campaigns. This has given her the confidence to pitch brands on her own terms.

Hannah from Eat Drink and Save Money

Hannah quickly grew her following & has more than made back her investment in the course. She loves the exclusive Facebook group as a place to find support & community from other bloggers & influencers.

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